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Comprehensive Sports Screening and Assessments in North Lakes

Sports Screening

Our Sports Screening Program is designed to identify the athlete’s risk of injury. It can be used to screen athletes to minimise the risk of injury and to ensure injured athletes return to their sport with confidence. The Sports Screening Program is useful for all athletes from the elite to the weekend warrior. The types of risks sports screening can identify include:

  • Muscle imbalance
  • Poor core stability activation
  • Poor flexibility
  • Muscle weakness
  • Poor balance and coordination
  • Postural abnormalities

With the insights from sports screening, our physiotherapists can prescribe specific exercise programs, asses rehabilitation progress and ensure that you are ready to return to sport.

Running Analysis

Studies have found that up to 70% of recreational and competitive runners sustain injuries every year. The injuries associated with running are often produced or exacerbated due to poor technique, poor biomechanics during loading, training errors or the weakness of specific key muscle groups.

A specific head to toe analysis of your running technique can give you detailed data of the way your body moves. Using video software, our physiotherapists can identify and address issues with your running technique.

Real Time Ultrasound

Real time ultrasound devices give patients and physiotherapists alike a deeper understanding of the structure and function of your core muscles. The ultrasound device provides a view of your core stability muscles as they contract providing an accurate assessment of the quality, timing and endurance of the contractions. By viewing the ultrasound, patients are provided with visual feedback on whether they are correctly activating these deeper muscles. Along with different techniques from your physiotherapist, these insights help patients to retrain their stabilising muscles.

Real time ultrasound can be applied while the patient is in different positions to reflect their circumstances. For example, the ultrasound can be applied while you are sitting if you are an office worker, or standing if you are a checkout operators.

Digital Posture Analysis

Digital Posture Analysis is a powerful postural analysis tool that is designed to educate you on correct posture. Utilising these insights, your physiotherapist can assist you with correcting your posture and address postural-related pain and injury.

1 on 1 Pilates Reformer

Do you want to strengthen your muscles, correct your posture and improve your balance? Our 1 on 1 Pilates Reformer can give you all these benefits while also helping you get fit. Contact us to find out more.


The latest service available at our clinic, hydrotherapy involves the use of specific therapeutic exercises and physiotherapy treatment. These therapies are completed in the water and are often used to complement regular physiotherapy. The aim of hydrotherapy is to enhance the overall outcome of the rehabilitation process and to provide the fastest return from injury.

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